To contact Olivia, email her at olivia [dot] katrandjian [at] gmail [dot] com.


4 responses to “Contact

  1. Sarah Griebahn

    I recently read a story that you authored about a woman who had her cupcake confiscated at the Las Vegas airport. I have had something confiscated EVERY time I have gone through the Vegas security check point. The issue is not TSA, the issue is the Las Vegas TSA. They are obscene. They wanted to put my purse through twice, and would not allow me to follow it. When I said I want to watch my purse the TSA agent threw my bag, and then shoved and slammed it onto the conveyor belt. You should investigate those agents specifically at that airport.

  2. Will

    Hi Ms. Katrandjian,
    Thank you for your story on the racial incident at Papa John’s. When the victim is Asian, such incidents often do not get written up or the writer downplays the racial dimension. So, thanks for your brief yet informative article–hopefully, the story will not die in the media, as did the one involving the Chick-fil-A cashier last month, which I was not even aware of until I read your article on Papa John’s–and I read the news every day.
    I haven’t heard about the Danny Chen case ever since the news broke a month ago about the Army private who was the victim of ongoing racial slurs and was unfortunately found dead of an apparent suicide. Even such tragic cases die in the media. Like the Papa John incident, the Danny Chen case was preceded by a a very similar case just months before–and I only heard of the previous case when hearing about the Chen story.
    These racial incidents seem underreported, so I am grateful that writers like you take them on.
    Thank you.

  3. Robert Barnes Young Jr

    Hi 🙂 Just had to stop and say that I have come across your writings a few times and they are delightful…enlightening. I took the opportunity to look at your photography and it is inspiring. The Lady has real talent ! Best Wishes ,Bo

  4. Greg

    You are a very talented young lady. Good luck with your bone marrrow registry. Organ and tissue donation works!!

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